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Ben Allen has worked with clients all over the world on a range of creative projects including: large scale murals, graffiti installations, commissioned artworks, gallery collaborations and brand partnerships. Recent projects include: LG, Nokia, Virgin, Levis, Vans, Estrella Gallicia, NME Magazine, Converse, Jamie Oliver and Subliminal Records. View bespoke projects, one-off commissions and ongoing developmental and experimental projects. Explore the latest selected graffiti artwork, street art and pop art prints available at Ben Allen Art.

 Lost mural. 10 x 4.2 metres. Completed in emulsion and spray paint. 2019. UK



Ben’s latest mural artwork was commissioned for the property located close to the village of St Mawgan, Cornwall. Owner of the property, Harry Anscombe, explains that the main challenge for the property concerned an existing long corridor and a wall that was clearly visible when entering the house. Harry was looking to develop a feeling of bringing the external environment into the home.

Paintings and prints have the ability to bring life to a home, confronting and enhancing the atmosphere of its interior. Art provides an opportunity to create a story, an identity, and a mood. More often than not, there will be a story behind the purchase of a print or painting.


“Ben’s work created the sanctuary we were looking for, literally bringing the outside into our home. We are really pleased that this piece of artwork is the first thing people see when entering the house”.



For this specific project, Ben Allen worked on the concept of delivering a sanctuary, creating a series of imagery based on a theme of designing a colourful macaw combined with trees and plants from around the property. Ben incorporated photos of tree ferns from the surrounding site and stencilled intricate hand cut exact copies onto the wall alongside the macaw, which was also created from many more layers of hand cut stencils and spray paint.

With each new project, I create a mural for, I am made more aware of the impact the right art has on great design and vice versa. I see a multitude of potential when I first look at each project and from there, an organic process of selection and refinement begins to create the right piece

With the right choice and selection, art can remodel an entire space, and to many artists is the quintessential focus of interior design. Selecting artwork to complete a room shouldn’t be considered as the final piece of the project. To many designers, artwork is vital when looking at interior design, providing a platform to enable a clear design plan for the remaining space.


Large scale mural for NME Magazine

Large scale commissioned mural for the headquarters of world famous N.M.E. Magazine to mark their collaboration with Estrella Galicia 'Lock Ins' series of music events.